Casino and Gambling to People and Places

Casino and Gambling to People and Places

When you hear about the word Casino and Gambling, the first thing that will probably pop up to your mind is the luxurious night life of Vegas and Macau, a home for this two, from LV casino strips to Monte Carlo of the East, since it has been legalized to this places decades ago because it is the biggest source of revenue making about 50% of the places’ economy.

Casino and Gambling being perceived as a dark room full of people focusing on something or whispering to some players in order to attract a the Goddess of fortune, Fortuna have resulted not receiving much of attention from economist despite that it has become the fastest growing entertainment industry and the biggest contributor to the economy mostly in the U.S. or even around the Globe, the rapid growth over the years in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Macau, and Singapore given that it is very popular among the consumers and politicians. For example, reaching a record high of $45.09 billion U.S. dollars in 2013 in Macau and the annual revenues of casino gambling in Singapore reached $4.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2013 (UNLV Center for Gaming Research, 2014aUNLV Center for Gaming Research, 2014b) since the legalization of Casino Gambling in 2002.

Social and Economic Effects

Some people may perceive Casino and Gambling as a negative thing, but the recent surveys that have been conducted over the past years explains why do people go to these places even to the point that they will classified as someone who has been addicted to going and playing here. Some of these people have said that they gamble just because of the thrill of winning and getting back the money that they have lost, in other words, you will have this urge of getting back what you have lost once your run out of it. Some would also say that they go to his place just to socialize, such as to meet their mates and make gambling as an activity while hanging out together. To sum it all up, psychologically speaking, getting wealthy in no time as what is viewed by other when you get to this place is not a relevant factor in their case. Just a pure feeling of delight through the sight of accumulated casino currency in front of them, a desire to win back even the invested amount will keep them aroused, and gambling as an effective way of keeping the loneliness away.

These days, Gambling is in the reach of everyone through online gambling that has been rapidly growing, substituting the actual casino halls, but for some people who has been playing in the actual place, nothing compares to the thrill and excitement of playing your game that you grew up to in a real-life casino where you could actually socialized with your pals and meet new ones who could be a potential one.

Honestly speaking, gambling has been a means of earning a living just like the other possible hobby that one can have, you just have to be a responsible one so that it wont result to serious impacts to yourself such as in physical, emotional and even financial health.